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- Fae - was a community of sisters caring for one another in a supportive, nurturing environment. We made no demands of our sisters, we merely offered opportunities to interact in a positive way. We enjoyed low stress, casual play and helping each-other advance in the games we played together.

We are no longer accepting applications <3

Welcome to our fleet website <3 :) All registered Fae are free to post in the forums!

What it meant to be Fae:

All Fae endeavored to live by the Principles of Fae Culture, and bring harmony to our circle.

These are explained in the Fae Forum post entitled: Principles of Fae Culture.


Aidan / Mar 03, 2018

All good things must at some point conclude, and so it is with mixed emotions that I write this final log entry.Fae: 31 May 2014 - 3 March 2018Thanks to all who helped, played, enjoyed and grew.Fleudermaus@&gt;}--;--'--,----LOVECAREHOPESUPPORTCOM...

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